Why I started Blog

It appears this blog had an impact, thanks to all the readers and comments.
Dec 2012 found at…….

http://classactioncentral.com/lifevantage-lfvn-shares-fall-on-recall-announcement/ Shares of LifeVantage Corporation (NASDAQ: LFVN) fell 16% today after announcing a voluntary recall of its Protandim product, the Nrf2 Synergizer(R), a dietary supplement. The San Diego-based (WRONG UTAH. SALT LAKE CITY) health and nutrition company said it is being proactive (RIGHT 7 MONTHS LATER) in its recall decision due to the potential inclusion of minute metal remnants (NERVE TOXINS) in the product (THIS IS A CLEAN WAY TO SAY HEAVY METALS, LEAD, MERCURY, EXT.). The remains were initially identified in batches of turmeric extract, an ingredient in Protandim that was purchased from a third party supplier (CHINA). LifeVantage predicts that the gross expenditure of the recall could be as high as $7 million (NO COST TO THE COMMUNITY?), which it anticipates to affect the company’s second fiscal quarter results (NOT MENTIONING THE PEOPLE THEY POISONED< SICK FUCKERS).

Consumers who are in possession of Protandim are advised by the company to stop using the supplement (NOT GET IT TESTED, NOT GET THEMSELVES TESTED AND TREATED WOW).

The Blog MAY 2012
Brief Summery:The Protandim supplement has both Milk Thistle and the Bacopa flowers as ingredients, together they create a weak Nerve Toxin, which damages the brain and nervous system permanently. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises not to make this mixture. There is no difference from chemical nerve gas weapons, classified as, weapons of mass destruction; like Sarin or Nazi V-X nerve gas. They have the exact same effect, just on a different time clock. Sarin nerve gas would show all the necrotic effects, very rapidly, when Protandim slowly decays the victim.
The victim decreases their intellect, alters their psychological stability and is not able to understand why they need to come off the poison. The victim will in fact, refuse to stop taking the nerve toxin because they are also receiving about 3 cups of caffeine from the green tea extract in the pills. In addition, I believe there are high levels of heavy metals loaded into the pills through processing and manufacturing of the pill. Similar to kids who continually eat lead paint chips, until they are extremely toxic, the Protandim victim continues to consume the Protandim nerve toxin.Protandim is made by Lifevantage, a Mormon company who is targeting powerful, intelligent, feminist, female figures, in the community including midwives, operators of the local women’s clinic and pagans. Herbalife is another Mormon company, which might have a similar product and targeting plan. This blog covers the chemistry, the secret meaning behind the Protandim name, why Lifevantage is targeting these powerful female figures and most importantly how to perform a Protandim Intervention. I failed to get my friend off the poison; they do not want to give up this zombie juice; her family and friends never responded to an intervention. The end result is similar to attempting to tell someone they suffer from Alzheimer’s, they will not agree and will consider any actions an attack. This poison is the perfect man-made epidemic, which will tear friends and family apart. THIS IS ITS ACTUAL DESIGN.We might have a story of two pills, one for the general public, even sold on Amazon, and a special pill for any lady who has worked at a woman’s clinic, pagan store, is graduate with a female studies degree;a feminist  or a midwife. The changes I saw in my friend were shocking and hard to believe.
Protandim nerve toxin effects should follow this timeline:

0-30 days -Major reduction of intellectual capacity, decrease in reason, accountability and inability to perform complex thoughts. Inability to maintain scheduled. Change in activities. End all relationships, which require deep emotions. Will refuse to get off the poison. Hands might be numb, sharp pain in liver, and kidneys.

30 -60 days – Psychological conditions should set in. First paranoia, anxiety disorder (nervousness), than ADHD, OCD, and schizophrenia. Inability to read clearly out loud, this is a dual motor skill function involving visual and oral.

60 – 90 days – Signs of single motor skill functions are apparent, Speech Disorder first, balance and inability to write clearly, vision, hearing.

(Latent Stage) 90 – 120 days – Nerve toxin still in body, even though victim most likely will not be taking the pills at this point. Toxins can take 30 days or more for the body to expelled them, further erosion of intellect, psychological disposition and motor skills will continue to degrade.  Can be fatal in this stage.

**Treatment and medication is required, take this person to the ER for a toxic exposure evaluation.**


I started this Blog because the X-girlfriend began taking this Protandim and changed overnight. At first I thought, there was an old boyfriend in the picture. But I noticed depression, blank stares, lack of eye contact, inability to respond to some verbal communications in a conversation and hiding from the camera, as not normal. These behaviors were more like a zombie.

The first major sign to a changed personality came with what she said to her young son, out of nowhere I hear, “I got no more love to give”. Then I noticed the frowning, her beautiful smile was gone forever. This is a girl, I have never seen frown, her face almost did not know how to frown, but there it was.

It was time to ask her for the name of the supplement, so I could do some research. Well, protandim users do not want to you to do research on protandim, and she would not give me the name of the poison. This is when I knew I had just found out what had totally changed her personality.

As an Example, the night the drug took hold of her emotions, we were suppose to have a date and sleep over and I just never heard from her.  The next day, we did meet and this is when I noticed the lack of eye contact. We watched a band in a grassy field, and she erected a wall on the blanket between us of a cooler, sandals and every plastic cup at her disposal. I recall, removing my shoes, and provided all my belongings to help her fortify her wall, along with commenting on its construction.

Intellectually speaking, she was very smart and witty, loved to laugh and talk for hours, so it was very easy to note a reduction in intellectual ability. She could not have an emotional enriched conversation because her emotions were flat-lined.

Well, her friend finally gave me the name of the product the day before she was going to have a sales meeting and introduce this zombie juice to other victims in the community; basically her friends.

My search of the internet, quickly revealed that Protandim is made by Lifevantage. And, this company had bombed the entire internet with all their public relations, under strange key words. For instance, typing “protandim zombie apocalypse” into Google, produced some, 520,000 results. Further more, these results all lead back to Lifevantage controlled websites, with off topic information. Very strange, I thought, something is being hidden here. Lifevantages internet public relations campaign made it impossible to find anyone who had any negative personal experience. I now determined that this bad reaction, is the intended applied reaction and I am right in the middle of, you get this, a very real Protandim Zombie Apocalypse.

This is a great girl, worth more than anything I could give her in this world. I called her Rain, saying, she would make me cry, when she finds a better man. She is, or was a better person than I will ever be. If anyone knows if she is off this nerve toxin, please, please, let me know. She won’t return my calls or messages, I did everything I could to get her off this poison, so now I must pay the ultimate price; I am in the dark. The last text message I received from her stated, ““No I will not”” referring to my pleas for her to stop taking the nerve toxin.

I started a new blog called http://protandimsleepingbeauty.wordpress.com/, calling these ladies Zombies is like victimizing the victim.

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  1. Ren

     /  May 22, 2012

    Same thing happening in my family. Sorry man. 😦 Bums me out to see what’s happening to my family…..being separated from their hard-earned money and their good judgement.

  2. Thanks Ren, it is good to know I am reaching people and hopefully, reaching out to people who have similar bad experiences.

  3. facebook comment, not so nice, i would say
    • Jena Vincent Cmt My chiropractor’s trying to kill me for my Pagan/Feminist/Midwife/Womanishness????
    about an hour ago • Like
    • Captain Billy Jones Wont say that if you knew the person that was poisoned

  4. Richard Pamplin

     /  March 1, 2013

    This is hands down the most laughable load of BS I have ever read. The poster is an idiot who no doubt will not post this because they are afraid of legitimate debate.

    If you care to debate, message me and lets get this going. Every supposed source and conclusion in this post is beyond ridiculous.

    • Calling me an idiot and claiming you are intellectually competent to debate me is an oxymoron statement. Although, I did not post this blog to be challenged on the material. This is a documented record of white collar terrorism. If you find no value here simply, move on Cowboy.

  5. radhika

     /  March 19, 2013

    Dude, are you sure the protandim was what caused this? I am a “strong female” (?) in Sydney, Australia, who has been taking this product for probably around 18 months now. I am still firing on all cylinders! It’s a supplement that has been passed as safe for sale here, in the US, Japan…I’m sorry your friend has had such a horrible time but I am not sure you can claim it was a health supplement that caused this.

    • This blog is my attempt at documenting the emotional and psychological changes I noticed following Protandim use. In addition, I logged my personal investigation of the substance and toxins that make up Protandim and how it is vectored to a victim consumer. A supplement implies a nutrient, compound or element required in some impotent body function. The semi toxic flowers and herbs in Protandim are not required in any human body function. So, it is not a supplement. This type of homeopathic agent is only tested after it hits the market by the Untied States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I do not know about the rest of the world, but the FDA has not tested or approved Protandim or any homeopathic agent. This much I do know. I documented in this blog my massive attempt at contacting the FDA about Protandim. My conclusion is the FDA is not and will not regulate any homeopathic agent or has never pulled a similar product off the shelves for any reason. Most vitamin, supplements or homeopathic pills are made in the 3rd world where you would not even drink the water. In the USA no pharmaceutical, vitamin, supplements or homeopathic pills are by law required to document where they are manufactured. Only a distribution address is required. I can tell you Santa Claus and his little elves are not making the crap you claim to be putting in your mouth.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am currently taking this “supplement”. It has been a week and a half. I am feeling really odd. I got a bottle of Protandim from a friend at school, who fits the description of the company’s target perfectly. Is there a way I can speak with you? I’m feeling really concerned now…

    • Hi,
      I am not available for consolation for the reason that the LifeVantage company could press a legal suit to shut down this blog. I would get something called a cease-and-desist letter if they find me and it is over. But, you need to make an appointment with a toxicologists. http://www.toxicology.org/ who specializes in removing toxins. The Health Dept has an environmental department, but you have to knock on their doors, they will not call you back. If you’re exposure was at school, than go to the school nurse tell her of the situation, the pills and the recall, it is their responsibility to put out a health warning, if there is poison at your school. Try the school news paper. Treatment requires a medical doctor, which I am not. Sorry love but I can’t help you, I have not acquired any funds from this blog.

  7. peggy

     /  May 28, 2013

    i can’t believe what I am reading. Really?

    • Yes, I did my best to document everything, I am a scientist who does environmental studies on toxins for a living. The problem is the FDA Food and Drug Administration failed to respond, but I even documented my attempts at contacting them here in the blog. Even some of my friends thought, maybe I was heart broken, But, December 2012 I was vindicated because the company LifeVantage pulled their Protandim poison off the market for being contaminated. The company stock dropped 16% in one day. This blog was the only thing that stopped them because our government is impotent and from my interpretation, maybe caustic.

  8. I am not a consumer or a distributor, but I would love some actual proof from you Protandim was on shelves, and some proof their stocks actually fell. It sounds to me you are a bitter ex-distributor or heart broken. No where on your blog or reviews do you speak with any scientific background.

    • 1. Protandim is not sold on shelves, it is distributed like Amway or American Way. Word of mouth, through a Mormon Church net work.

      2. Stock prices are publicly listed, easily searchable, I also linked a news post to the top of the page, will relink it below.

      3. I am an environmental scientist so everything I write is scientific.

      In the post below, metal remnants is a business friendly way of saying = heavy metals…………….Lead, mercury, toxins, ext.

      HERE – > http://classactioncentral.com/lifevantage-lfvn-shares-fall-on-recall-announcement/
      Shares of LifeVantage Corporation (NASDAQ: LFVN) fell 16% today after announcing a voluntary recall of its Protandim product, the Nrf2 Synergizer(R), a dietary supplement.

      The San Diego-based health and nutrition company said it is being proactive in its recall decision due to the potential inclusion of minute metal remnants in the product. The remains were initially identified in batches of turmeric extract, an ingredient in Protandim that was purchased from a third party supplier. LifeVantage predicts that the gross expenditure of the recall could be as high as $7 million, which it anticipates to affect the company’s second fiscal quarter results.

      The recalled lots displayed below were sold between July and November 2012.
      Lot # Expiration Date
      12-0258 7/2/2015
      12-0259 7/3/2015
      12-0292 7/9/2015
      12-0294 7/11/2015
      12-0295 7/12/2015
      12-0304 7/18/2015
      12-0306 8/16/2015
      12-0307 8/17/2015
      12-0373 8/21/2015
      12-0382 9/21/2015
      Consumers who are in possession of Protandim from the specified lot numbers are advised by the company to stop using the supplement.
      At least one law firm has published a press release announcing an investigation, on behalf of shareholders, into whether LifeVantage violated federal securities laws.

      If you would like more information on LifeVantage or other news, please fill out the form below.
      – See more at: http://classactioncentral.com/lifevantage-lfvn-shares-fall-on-recall-announcement/#sthash.ZGvT2fDr.dpuf

  9. brian

     /  November 15, 2013

    sounds like captain billy jones just got dumped and needs something to blame it on. its ok man, we all go through tough relationships.

    • Quick, fast and easy conclusion, except for the fact that the protandim was pulled by the Mormon’s for being toxic. The blog covers the emotion changes from toxic exposure exhibited in one victim / yes an X-girlfriend. Like I said in the blog, my background is working with toxins in the ground, air and water. Never expected it to be in a pill. I have a no vitamin, or herbal junk, GNC, ext. rule with any future girlfriend just to be on the safe side.

  10. LOL sounds to me like she was just not into you.

    • She would not be interested in her own child is she gets the right dose of nerve toxin/heavy metal. And, I noticed this happening. Take what you want for this blog or get nothing out of it.

  11. Comment found here http://www.amazon.com/review/R39KZL5VXKNU85/ref=cm_cd_notf_message?ie=UTF8&cdForum=Fx3VU6490QSROC7&cdPage=2&cdThread=TxYUEYDFRQO49V#Mx2ISPTNG6J1KF
    My response
    Just posted your comment on the protandimzombieapocalypse for you. There is no advertising on the blog page and no money. All donation go to my friends sons college fund, which none have come in and I do not think it is a smart business plan to attack a Domesday or End of Days cult organization like the MLM Mormons. Protandim is not a product, it is a poison.

    sprinkles says:
    BBBBBB is making a lot of money as well as the other bloggers who exist to create controversy on any MLM companies. This web site he mentions is his and he and others have many other websites that were developed for the sole purpose of bringing in distributers to argue their case for their various MLM products.
    BBBBBB is not doing this because he believes these products are bad, this is his full time job/income to generate website volume and collect $$$ from all his advertisers. Don’t waste your time, you are just supporting his lifestyle. Do you really think sane people devote hours a day to maintain many blogs to blast MLM products for the mere pleasure of it? He is probably bringing in enough $$$ that he has hired his own employees to respond to your comments. I write this here since (as you may not know) these bloggers will not post anyone’s comments on their blog that could hurt their revenue. They have full control on what is posted so time would be better spent educating your own customers on this great product rather than trying to debate these negative bloggers of the value of protandim when their sole purpose is to draw you in by blasting your product.

  12. Mick Epperson

     /  August 18, 2014

    Sometimes one can really get off. Course in their desire to help others. This person who is blogging has failed in three areas.
    1. They do not realize that just because a company has a Utah address does not mean it is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). No multilevel or direct marketing company in Utah is owns by the LDS CHURCH.
    2. This person has never been to Pubmed.gov an typed in “protandim”. Please read GH independent studies and realize the research is I’ve 25 of searching.
    3. A person who uses the “f” word in a public blog is now showing they are not ready for public consumption of materials, not ready to be believable and will not be respected for their opinion. A man who must use “base” language is not a man but someone who is searching to an identity amongst lesser Peers.
    Thank you.

    • 1-I guess your a Mormon specialist to know this all inclusive information.
      2-Pubmed.gov I attempted to contact all the doctors and researchers listed on Pubmed.gov who performed these protandim studies. Not one Doctor was reachable or I could even confirm as a real medical doctors. Pubmed.gov is a propaganda site for drug companies trying to sell drugs.
      3-If I am pissed off I will use the Fuck word as much as I want, shit, piss, cunt, ext.. When I write paid none personal reports, I wont.

  13. I love you. I guess I love this blog and appreciate the effort you put into it.

    I am a single mother working on a farm between 50-70 hrs a week and I am trying Protandim for energy. I feel like a damned Zombie. I have taken it for 3 weeks and feeling worse each day. You’ve convinced me to quit. Thank you.

  14. Alyssa Wright

     /  October 18, 2016

    I have been taking Protandim since 2011 and I have only noticed good benefits. I went into my OBGYN prior taking protandim and had a ton of ovarian cysts and alot of endometriosis. a year after taking Protandim it is gone. I dont feel like a zombie taking it at all.

    • Flowers and herbs don’t get rid of cancer or ovarian cysts. I get a lot of comments from sellers of this poison with many claims to it being a miracle cure, to the ability to fly and breath under water, like a Mormon Jesus fish.


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