Lifevantage Targeting Midwives, Pagans, Feminists

Lifevantage is targeting midwives in a typical Masonic pyramid scheme, like the food pyramid. They are given the extremely powerful psycho toxic herb mixture, free of charge, to than pass on at a price through their community. We have to figure out why this group is being targeted with toxic terrorism and uncover any possible motives.

Midwives are the female strength of any community, their knowledge is quite immense, impressive and enlightening. They have a library of books and literature equally to any college professor. These ladies are well read and are able to read books that would put me me out. Their books are mostly on the topics of social science, family, culture and communities. From my evaluation, they only have two weaknesses that work against each other. One, their understanding of chemistry and chemical reactions on the ionic level is low. The last weakness is they are nutritionists and herbalists without understanding the chemical reactions.

On a broad spectrum, generalizing a large diverse population of midwives, “don’t kick my ass or do, call me”, since they do not understand the chemistry, they will most likely not do research on bad chemical reactions, even if they are between natural or herbal substances. Lifevantage, knows this weakness. Their targeting distribution plan takes this into consideration.

There are two kinds of Midwives, one a near orthodox religious person of a faith and god is great, and the other is a very liberal open minded lady, who could believe or practice what could be described as a form of spirituality.  Orthodox midwives are not Lifevantage target population because they will not put things in their body of unknown mixtures; some will not even take blood transfusions. All medicine is bad. The spiritual midwife is the target for Lifevantage. This company knows that they are more than likely, also hobby nutritionists and herbalists. Since midwives lack a background and understanding of chemistry, they somehow believe almost, all green, natural and recycled things are good. This is not the case, all of the time. Many plants have evolved to produce defensiveness toxins, this keeps them off the menu.

It is surprising that this community of such polar opposites manages to, not fight at every chance they get. One of the main complaints is that orthodox religious  midwives like to post anti abortion stuff on non religious midwives web pages. Somehow through the magic and joy of baby catching, between these lionesses and tigers, fights don’t break out. By the way, the mother is supposes to catch the baby, not the midwife. And, there is actually two deliverers, one the baby and the second a substantial blob comprising that of the complete placenta; about an hour after the first big mess.

The spiritual midwife, I call her this regardless if she believes in god or not, might practice, forms of what might be viewed as witchery. Like love circles, drum circles and circle ceremonies that would welcome a new baby into the world. During these ceremonies they might pass out a bracelet that is worn by all friends, family and the midwife, until the birth of the baby. This expresses that this group or community, is all there, to bring the new life, into this world under their full protection. It is quite endearing and I did not fathom the social complexity of this powerful group at first.

Many of the friends of the spiritual midwife might practice or say they are witches or wizards,  wicken or pagan. These are the people who would delight in using natural herbs to stimulate their own consciousness, love or passion. Lifevantage, not stupid Mormons, they know this group well. The Protandim product is a mixture of 5 natural substances, Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Green Tea, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and witches, wizards, warlocks or wicken and pagans love herbs, herbs are near deity to these rather different puppeteers. Seems so natural, not a bad mushroom in the bunch.

Rain was intensely interested in female deity, representing the high god in primitive cultures. This is a Pagan belief.  Often this topic unfolded, as she intensely pondered over historical documentaries. Want to make Rain happy, find her a book of female deities. She believed that since the female figure in society was the replicator and reproducer of the community, she should maintain the highest position, have the highest value to the culture. She thought, that the doctrinal church movements Judaic Christian beliefs, reduced their value and would love nothing more than to climb into a pair of archeology boots and find proof to her theory. To the believers in the Judaic Christian beliefs, this female figure as a high power, is blasphemy. She should pay for her sins, a man heads the house and leads the sheep, not a witch.

The Mormon belief forces the wife or female figure into a subservient position. This is a fundamental core value, believe and practice. Powerful female figures to them inside or outside their community, would represent an evil abomination. To the Mormon, a female center should be run by a man, not a woman. Some communities have substantial female empower movements, right groups and are active on the community level, this would go against the fundamental ideology of the Mormons who subservient their wives and many are in jail for molesting children.

Mormon are proselytizers and send their young men and system of beliefs on something called a mission. Every young man is required to complete a mission and this is often described as a rite of passage for a young male Latter-day Saint. Here we can see that Mormons have an ideological platform to shove their beliefs down everybody’s throat. This is more of a passive aggressive form of spreading their beliefs. But, let’s say for a moment there might also be an aggressive, aggressive form of proselytizing. If this did exist, Mormons would target, the powerful females in communities and these would be the midwives and their pagan friends, which operate female empowerment centers. The spiritual midwife, would also know and work with lesbians in the community, another substantial target for the Mormons; for ideological reasons.

Think Mormons are not a dooms day cult?  Well they do some strange stuff which mimics doomsday events from the bible. Specifically from Genesis 19 and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Ever wonder why there are always 2 Mormon boy proselytizers on bikes, dressed like little angles in white shirt and tie?  There are never 3 together or just 1 , they always go in pairs.

Well, they are referencing or even mimicking the story  of Sodom and Gomorrah and specifically the 2 angles Mr Lot protects in his house. The 2 boys represent the 2 angles from the story and demonstrate an ideology of a end of day  cult, referencing in a hard way events which lead to the destruction of earths two prominent cities which had become evil. We being evil to them in every way possible.

The interesting thing about the story is Mr Lot offers his two daughters to be raped in stead of the two male angles. Later on in the story Lot has sex with his own young daughters. This is the foundational point and ideology to there polygamist behavior. Mormons treat there daughters and all woman as vessels of repopulation, not as fellow humans.

You have to explore all motives. It is clear that this groups is being targeted and when you are targeted by a religion, it is always over religious grounds, beliefs and ideology. I would say the Mormon church, is performing a sorta modern witch burning event, but instead of fire, wood logs and the stake, they are attempting to burn the pagans and the witches minds with this herbal nerve terrorism.

The spiritual Midwife has many friends, which do practice Paganism and does know the owners of the local pagan store, where Pagan believes, feminine empowerment, and the worship of female gods are practiced. The ladies who run these stores might be the actual primary targeted to receive the Protandim and the midwife is simple community vector.

This might be the first time, an entire large powerful church has actually targeted and physically attacked another group of believers, in the USA since what, the 1692 Salem Massachusetts witch trials. If so, this is happening at other locations, in an attempt to remove these female community empowerment centers. I would call these centers the pillars in the community, because they address, victims of abuse and work to promote rights. Here we have uncovered a preemptive strike, a female Peal Harbor, which wont be realized, until the attack is over. Even when I point to the bomb holes on the runway, people seem to just walk around them.

Well in 2006 the FBI’s placed Warren Steed Jeffs on the Ten Most Wanted List, he was the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But, still very connected to all parts of the mainstream Mormon church and the political powers in Salt Lake City. The FBI moved into Utah because the local government, police and prosecutors would not act against prominent members in their church. It is possible women’s group outside Utah were actively involved in pressuring the Feds to this action and in return Protendim is some form of retribution or payback.

Honestly, I only question such strange things because, it is almost unreal that you would ever find a plant based nerve toxin in a vitamin supplement. If this is possible, than the sky is the limit here and now I can write on anything and not be to far off from Salt Lake City and Crazy Town. Maybe a female deity is what we need right about now and Rain was right all along.

Well, I remember my X-girlfriend going to a Protandim meeting before she started taking the product and all dressed up, to do so; me likey, likey. Everything seemed so normal, benign, surreal, I paid no attention, I did at one point try and explain a free radical, remember telling her, Oxidative stress makes no chemical logic. I can make something up myself that sounds like better nonsenses. Don’t take anything that doesn’t look like a fruit, vegetable or bleeds when you kill it. I recall she said, she gets it free and everyone who buys from her, she would take some shared cut, of the earnings.

She did mention the company’s cover story about how this great product was invented by a Dr So and So, and it heals everything under the sun and moon. The cover story to me is a classic bait and switch, to remove Lifevantage, the Mormon company from being the focus to the creation of this toxin. She gave some pills to her mom, which had no blood pressure problems the next day. I even watched her brother take a random pill during a family get together around Easter, not even interested in what it was, nor where it came from. During periods of economic repression, a miracle pill or snake oil seems to fill the hopeless with hope.

I do not recall, who lured her into the first meeting, possibly a Mormon midwife. Rain then excommunicated me from all further intel, I was not permitted to go to the meeting. Topic was off the table not to be talked about. I would love to find out who lured her to the meeting, but I have lost contact at this point and am unable to reestablish lines of communication. The lines are drawn and I can not see over the trenches. I know this blog will not please her but, it is my only real power and force to manipulate. I have natural instinct to stick a spear into this but, the modern world does not permit this behavior as being civilized.

Since, she is unable to function right now as a community activist this I will performer for her. When you are targeted for toxic terrorism, you have to find some answers.  Plus, I will get to see if my pen, is more powerful than their sword.

Lifevantage is only distributed by Mormons, and maybe into a community, by non Mormons at the lowest possible level or denominator. I even at one point knew an X-Mormon who still sold Lifevantage skin care products, that I heard were good but expensive. Essentially Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Green Tea, Turmeric, Ashwagandha are skin and hair care products, people are putting in their mouths as supplements, for reasons I can not explain to you.

I image at the Protandim meeting the poor girls are treated with many warm gestures and welcomes, this being the sales pitch, but the reality is, behind closed doors, a much different story can be reveled. The Mormon Lifevantage sales reps who performed this orchestrated sales pitch, knew very well what they were doing and who they were targeting. I imagine the reps made jokes and laughed at the pagan ladies and witches before they arrived and after they left. Maybe mocked them, under the full understanding that they just sold these single moms a planet toxic and nerve agent. I never met a sales rep that did not know what good or evil, of a product they were pedaling. It is the first thing a sales rep tells you when you ask them what they do. For these monsters, my rage is unmeasurable. My mind has tortured these demon soles for an eternity, in an unspeakable mid-evil fashion. They will not get away with this.

All the natural components in Protandim, Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Green Tea, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, are pretty much not too toxic by themselves, but everything is toxic at a certain level. It is the mixture between Milk Thistle and Bacopa that makes you wack. Along with the manufacturing processes that I believe also concentrates toxins and heavy metals into the formulated pills. Initially, I thought she was just depressed when the effects began to take hold of her. This I even told her cousin when I left a cake for her, at her house. Midwives are over worked, under paid, ripped off half of the time by large insurance companies and sometimes have no food, in their fridge and can’t pay rent. They do this work out of love and a sense of being an active member in their community. You would be hard pressed to find a more loving, peaceful sole, a little angle, she is.

When, I first meet, this midwife, Rain was suffering from sever rhinosinusitis, inflammation of the nasal cavities and the accessory sinuses. Then I became sick and was suffering from the same symptoms. Listening to her breath at night when she slept was painful. My investigation of her environment the next day, lead me right to a wet wall in the house, under a window air conditioner, which was growing black mold.

After fixing that, the rhinosinusitis conditions went away and came right back. Then, I cleaned with bleach, the old air conditioner, which was now full of black mold spores, completely making myself sick for a week. What I am getting at is, she had an understanding that natural things, mold, herbs, or anything recycled should be ok. It is nature, we come from nature and go back to nature when we die.

The chair was the next thing dragged into the picture, in off the street it came. Although, attractive in a post modern sense, was not intended for practical comfort due to the lack of arm rests. Fine for someone who survived two shark attacks, but for me, I have two arms, it was awkward to sit in. It was wet and touched by mold yet again. I remember saying, “maybe someone is throwing it out, because it is making them sick”, but the thought of recycling or reusing it was to overwhelming, to concur any negative condemnations. Rhinosinusitis conditions, returned, the chair is still there, I say no more. Oh my, Oh my, so hard can that little head be at times.

The midwife, my friend, would not put anything un-natural or anything she considered poisonous into her body. Drank water mostly, which I would call toilet water or plant food. Liked anything advertised as farm raises, void of corn products, hormone free, grass feed, certified organic, non-synthetic, non- artificial and by no means would touch anything that is soy, like soymilk. Soy baby formula would be a monstrous beast of epic proportions. This is someone who is extremely careful what they put in their body, which to them is like a temple. She with her smile, would call herself a goddess, slightly moving her chin as though posing for a fine portrait; priceless.

Then she got hit with fleas and ticks like you would not believe. It was an infestation, on a biblical scale, I have never experienced. When I saw one hundred fleas on her dogs belly, I ran out of the house yelling, bomb this fucking place, set it on fire, run for your life. She, very calm and contemplating the situation, responded by saying, but the lizards and the butterflies will die. You can only kill them with poison. She insisted we only use natural products to rectify the situation, diatomaceous earth, than borax, non of which worked. A good three or four life cycles perturbed, the fleas ate me alive and the ticks, accosted her at every turn.

What is poison, at this point to her, was for me salvation. I scratched my head, then my legs, I know they are in my hair, right, the hair. The bombs were finally released. To her, anything, un-natural, chemical, bonded, prescribed, produced as vaccine for immunizations of, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis. (whooping cough), Polio, measles, mumps, rubella was to not be treated with poison. These products contained toxins. Her son, has never been immunized, he is a healthy and a happy little guy. The other old son was immunized and he was always sick and had some problems with something, this or that. She would not take antibiotics, holy cow, she did not even like pasteurization. In her fridge, blows my mind, she had, milk labeled, “for pet use only”, this I called poo poo milk and hated putting it in my coffee. I only did this once, and I remember looking down at the milky brown concoction thinking, brown is the color of shit, I have shit coffee, I am now really drinking shity coffee, which I followed with a hard swallow. I know the processes of extracting milk from an animal, is not clean, nor sterile, so I like my milk boiled.

To have someone, so careful, fall for this Protandim poison, all I can say is, it can and will happen to anybody. The biblical monsters at Lifevantage, know how to set-up, suck-in and poison anybody. Their meetings, must be well orchestrated to manipulate the most cautious, contemplative and contemporaneous mind. I was not even permitted to come to the meeting, with my science background, I would have made a scene. This is coming to your home and community, if it is not yet already there. Wife not talking much, girlfriend not calling, weird, strange, un-explainable, well, you might got yourself a Protandim zombie.

I am under the impression that more people want to sell this product right now then there are positions available to distribute it. It is exploding into communities like a wild fire. This is the new Mary Kay product line, fashion line and in-thing that is being pushed by every media outlet, including Dr. Oz, Dr Phil and Dr Seuss. It is on the today show, the tonight show and the afternoon show. Do you know what your girlfriend or wife is watching, they are watching this? My only advise is get cans of beans and cans of boiled meat.

You stand around at a car dealership long enough, you are more than likely going to leaving with a car you did not need, want, and in a color that will not learn to love, which just plain-old get bad gas mileage and breaks down out the fucking highway.

It took me less than one hour to find both the University of Maryland study on Milk Thistle  and the other reports that state the Bacopa flower is being tested as an Epilepsy drug. How can you not search for a possible reaction, before you serve your self to a poisonous concoction.

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